Learning for All: Emerging Technologies to Support Struggling Learners
Tammy Lind
ISTE 2012 Workshop
Saturday, June 23, 2012
This session will provide a hands-on look at technologies that can assist struggling learners both in and outside of the classroom
For today's workshop, please use the the #ISTE12 hashtag.

Please bookmark this site. We will use it for the whole morning:

Please complete the survey for today before you leave: 

Question Parking Lot: Please leave any questions that you may have here so that we can answer them as a group throughout the session: http://goo.gl/7RhYM

Wallwisher Great way to have students post reflections/thoughts
Online Stickies 
Please take a moment to add you thoughts to our sticky canvas:

Web-based Formative Assessment Tools
Poll Everywhere

Voicethread So many uses!!
StarFall Early Literacy Site
Word Talk Text to Speech site that works within Word and Outlook--will read text out loud, highlight, spell check, etc....
http://udleditions.cast.org/ UDL CAST Stories with reading/highlight support

Activity #1
Create an online feedback board or a quiz that can be used to gather information from your students (or teachers).

Graphic Organizers
My Study Bar
Bubbl.us My favorite--Maps can be shared with multiple groups--very easy to use
MindMeister --very similar to Bubbl with a few more features in creating the map.

Timeline Tools
Study Skills
My Study Bar Download
Quick Link Pen
Awesome Highlighter Amazing site for to create web clippings and highlight text for students
http://www.tagxedo.com/ Word Cloud Creator


Activity #2
Explore 2-3 Web tools that can be used with a student that you have in mind.  Using this tool, begin to create a sample activity to share with your student.

Workshop Agenda


Struggling Learner?

Web Tools

Browser-Based Tools

Mobile Devices

Tammy Lind
School Districof South Milwaukee Technology Coach
Contributor: Mobile Reach Podcast
Organizer: EdCampMKE
Twitter | TamL17 

Chrome Apps/Extensions
Evernote Clearly
Text to Speech
Speech Recognizer

Mobile Tools

Ipad Apps~
Strip Design
Side by Side
Show Me
Paperport Notes

Activity #3
Option #1:  
Visit online Chrome Store and find 2 Apps and 2 Extensions to use with students.

Option #2:
Using a mobile device, explore 2 apps that you plan to use with a struggling student

Print Resources

Web 2.0 Resources