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WEMTA 2012

Gone Google...Now What? 
WEMTA 2012 Workshop 
Wednesday, March 27th 1:30-4:00

If you are in a district that has moved to Google Apps or are exploring the idea of doing so then this session is for you! This hands-on session will focus on the strategies of using Google Apps in school districts. We will cover features of a variety of tools including Mail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, Blogger, Picasa, and Chrome. Lots of tips will beshared on using Apps both personally and professionally as well as discussing classroom use.  Google Qualified Technology Coach Tammy Lind will share strategies she has used with teachers and students for using Google Apps in the classroom as her district has made the move to Google Apps.
Link to workshop site:

Agenda for Today

Get ready for a great day!  
  • Google Apps for Education Overview
  • Google Apps for Education Site + Lesson Plans
  • Google Chrome
  • Sites
  • Picasa
  • Mail, Docs and Calendar Tips

Tammy Lind
Google Apps Qualified Trainer 
School Districof South Milwaukee Technology Coach
EdCamp MKE Organizer
Twitter | TamL17 
Contact |

Don't forget to use the hashtag #WEMTA2012 when tweeting this week! 

Goal for Workshop:  
We will discuss our progress with "Going Google" as well as create a resource site of what we learn at WEMTA 2012.  
We will also learn other Google Apps tools that can be used in the classroom. 

Session Evaluation:

Question Parking Lot:

Welcome Activity

Where are you on the "Gone Google" spectrum?  

Google Apps Overview

Google Apps for Education Site Lesson Plans

Watch this video...see if you can count how many different ways the web is used to share...
"The Web Is What You Make of It".

YouTube Video

Google Chrome

  • Browser
  • Logging in--advantages
  • Extensions
  • Apps
  • Chrome to Phone
Activity #1
  • Log into Chrome to sync bookmarks
  • Enter Online Store and find 2 Apps and 2 Extensions to share with the group
  • Share it here:

Chrome Explanation
Follow Molly Blog Site..Tons of resources here!  

Google Chrome for Android....Awesome!

YouTube Video

Google Sites

Introduction to Sites
  • Creating a site
  • Site themes
  • Type/level of pages
  • Adding pages-Top level vs. Under existing pages
  • Saving site
  • Sharing

Activity #2:
  • Create a site to use for WEMTA 2012..this will be for note-taking and sharing information. 
  • Challenge--Add the following to your site:
    • Images
    • YouTube Video
    • Google Doc (Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation)
    • A page on the site with multiple columns 

Examples of Google Apps Sites:
  • RAHS News site:

Using Google Sites as an ePortfolio Tool

Additional Resources:
Ideas for classroom use:


Place to Store and share Photos

  • Both an installed program and a place for image storage (web albums)
  • Integration with Google+
  • Apps domain use
Activity #3
  • Use the Picasa Web Album Feature to take and email 3 images to the following address:
        Make sure to use the subject:  WEMTA2012
  • Embed album on your new Google Site

Picasa Directions:

Information on Picasa:

YouTube Video


YouTube Video

Google Created Resource:  Blogs in the Classroom

Mail and Calendar Tips and Tricks

  • Completely customize Mail and Calendar

Docs Tips and Tricks
  • Template gallery...Use for Apps domain and public.   Start here!
  • Offline Access in Domain--perfect for traveling teachers
  • Docs integrates with Edmodo now!
  • Google offers Docs Tips:

  • Need ideas?  Take a look at this presentation...

32 Ways to Use Google Apps in the Classroom




This is a fun look at collaboration potential using Presentation!

YouTube Video